Monday, April 17, 2006

Kay's Famous No-Measure Sox Technique, or, how to get socks that fit

Jen, who sometimes mentions me on her blog but always forgets to link, recently blogged her finished 6th Sense sox and thanked me for showing my "no-measure" technique at the last Sip, Sit & Knit. The technique is embarrassingly easy, and stems from my reluctance to actually measure anything; I always measure stuff against parts of my hand. You know, first knuckle = 1", index finger = 3", that kind of stuff. Anyway, for cuff-down socks, I measure against my whole hand. I explained it to Mary & Jen like so:

I slip the unfinished foot over my hand like a weird glove, and lay the narrowest part of the short-row heel over the tips of my fingers. I smooth the knitting down over my hand (but DON'T STRETCH) and when the working edge reaches the first "bracelet" crease on my wrist, I start decreasing for the toe. Assuming I'm going to decrease about half the necessary width every other row, then the remaining width every row, this always gives me a perfect length for the foot.

Mary & Jen received this information with wide-eyed, open-mouthed agogness, and then both immediately started bowing & chanting, "We're not worthy". Aw shucks, girls, come on. This is just me being lazy. [blush]

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ChelleC said...

That is really amazing! And it works. I tried it on that last sock I made and it worked perfectly. Must be some anatomical law you discovered. Since I missed last week's meeting, I appreciate your telling it here. Chelle