Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back to School

Head of the classPattern: Back To School U-Neck vest (Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel)
Yarn: Dome Hill Yarns Worsted in Jaded
Needles: 8

This was a fairly quick knit -- of course, I have done so many socks lately, anything in worsted flies along by comparison. The fitted design elements (ribbing through the midsection, bust increases above the empire waistline) really add to the polished look of the vest. Jaded is one of my favorite colorways, too, so I can see myself wearing this a lot this fall & winter. :-)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Future Grand Master?Hunter has joined the Chess Club at his school (it's a combined middle/high school club; he's one of the youngest members.) Yesterday was his first tournament ever, a statewide competition. I expected him to have a good learning experience but probably get his booty kicked. He proved me wrong by coming home with the third-place trophy for his age division!

He also bought a book of chess puzzles with his pocket money. All day long he has been setting up the problems on his magnetic chess board and then poring over them, muttering things like "Mate in two moves" and the like. I swear, this kid is absorbing chess knowledge like a sponge. He can already beat me pretty reliably, and is working on his dad.