Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Good Thanksgiving

Three signs of a really good Thanksgiving:
Kiss the cook1. You have family & friends gathered around.

2. All of the dishes that you're cooking are finished when they are supposed to be, plus or minus ten minutes or so.

Miriam & Cliff dancing in the kitchen3. There is at least a little dancing in the kitchen. A lot of dancing is better.

Hope your Thanksgiving is as good as ours!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Get Phat!

Do you like surprises? (Who doesn't?! When they're nice surprises, anyway.) Jessie from Phat Fiber had the brilliant idea of putting together mystery boxes of samples from lots of different indie fiber artisans from all over the place. Every box is different, and who knows what you'll get? You can get a yarn-only box or a spinner's box, which may have both yarn & roving samples. I've also heard rumors of stitch markers & patterns & all kinds of other goodies to be included. Each month's box will have a different theme... the first box in January will be "Winter". Sounds fun! It's a great way to learn about some new artists you haven't heard of yet & maybe get a sneak peek of the "next big thing".