Sunday, April 29, 2007

Grin & Bear It

Beary cuteThe local rib joint, which we hit for dinner tonight, has the usual assortment of junk on the walls: antique-looking bits of farm equipment, cheesy oil paintings of John Wayne & Clint Eastwood, antler trophies, that kind of stuff. They also have, rather inexplicably, a stuffed bear in the entrance area. Hunter always wants to pose with it... tonight I remembered the camera. What a goof.

Just in case you were still wondering, we came out of the tax audit owing nothing... what a relief. The only really disconcerting part was when the guy from H&R showed up to represent us, he looked an awful lot like Dick Cheney. No fooling.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Tax Man Cometh

Two words that strike fear into the heart of any American taxpayer: IRS AUDIT. Apparently our home sale & moving expenses deduction in 2005 was enough to throw up a red flag in some government computer. We have all our paperwork in order, so it's not a problem, but still -- what a hassle.

This year's taxes are done & filed; at least that's out of the way.

The one bit of good news in this annoyance-fest: While going through the file archives to pull out the tax paperwork, I stumbled across my long-lost copy of the pattern for the very lovely Angelina. I ordered it & the yarn, oh, at least three years ago. When the pattern went AWOL, I assumed it had been packed up with my craft-room stuff & I wouldn't see it again until we got the dome finished & all the boxes in the garage got unpacked. But here it was with some old bills! It's now next on the stash-buster project list.