Sunday, June 17, 2007

Noro Booga

Noro Kureyon, how lusciousAnother California adventure story, this one involving yarn! Since my knit-from-your-stash rules allow for souvenir yarn shopping, I dragged Mike & the kids into the very cool Wildfiber on the way back from our visit to the Santa Monica Pier. Usually, souvenir yarn means a couple skeins of sock yarn, but the Noro Kureyon was irresistable. Color 154, in particular, is such a cheerful, beachy, tie-dye riot that it just screamed "Venice Beach" at me. I picked up three skeins for a Booga Bag.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

California Dreamin'

We're back from a visit to Los Angeles! We were there for a week, too much to tell everything, but here are a few highlights:
    Suzanne & Ali in the kitchen... don't you love Suzanne's new countertops?
  • Hanging out with our old neighbor, who has recently gone through a difficult divorce...

  • Steven is not really tall enough to guard Ali, but he tries... we had a good long gab and a promise to come visit us when the dome is finished. The kids played some backyard hoops...
    Grill Master at Work...while Mike captained the grill.
    Taken near the trailhead of Switzer Falls... the hills look very dry
  • Having dinner with my sister, and driving back up Angeles Crest a little ways to admire the view (and just for something to do!)

  • CA pedicurists, unlike MO pedicurists, have no idea what to make of chigger bites
  • Can't go to the beach without a pedicure! Ali & I splurged.

  • Beautiful, sunny day; here looking north towards Pacific Palisades & Malibu
  • A visit to the Santa Monica Pier, which has some carnival rides, bumper cars & roller coaster type stuff...
  • Santa Monica, and the roller coaster in the foreground...and a great view from atop the Ferris wheel.
    Tony Shalhoub plays Adrian Monk
  • Only in California, part 1: The bumper cars ride, amusingly named Sig Alert, was closed because of a crew filming an episode of Monk.
  • There's a backup on the 405... oh wait a secThe scene involved Monk riding around on the back of a bumper car for some reason -- we don't normally watch the show, but I think we'll have to start, just so we can spot this scene.
    The height of luxury
  • Only in California, part 2: Look at the port-a-potties that were trucked in for the film crew. Yes... they have AIR CONDITIONERS. Mike & I howled!

  • America's next top models
  • Pizza with one of Ali's friends!
  • Sunday, June 03, 2007



    Today's project: Put a soft top on the Jeep. It's a '95 Wrangler that we have had for about a year -- it had belonged to Mike's dad, who trailered it down here when he got a new one. When we got it, it had an ill-fitting hardtop that leaked like a sieve and made it very cold to drive in the winter. Mike donated the lid to his Jeep club a few weeks ago in favor of this cool ragtop. Doesn't it look sharp? It took us about four hours to put the thing on. Now it is much quieter to drive, believe it or not, and not nearly so drafty. It also has a brand-new suspension (as of a couple weeks ago) which makes for a pretty good ride.

    A funny story about the Jeep: The first time I drove it to work, I came home demanding, "Hey, is there a secret Jeep club that I don't know about?!?" Mike about fell off his chair laughing. "They were waving at you, huh?" I had no idea, but apparently it's one of those road customs -- Jeepsters wave to each other when they pass. Pass it on.