Monday, February 22, 2010

Ice Storm

Icy osage orangesA winter storm yesterday has left everything coated with a scrim of shimmering ice. It makes the trees look pretty, but they are singing & creaking this morning in a very ominous way. We'll lose a few big branches out of this one, I'm sure.
Icicle domeThe dome, I have found, grows icicles like crazy. They don't form on the rounded part, of course; but when the sun hits the concrete, the melt flows down the dome slope & out along the dormer overhangs, which grow a rather impressive icicle crop. I've also learned that once the melting process gets a little further along, ice & snow sliding off of a concrete structure makes a loud & distinctive noise inside that structure. Scared the cats half to death the first time we heard it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kay,

I'm interested in domes - how is the weather in-doors? Some say they are so air-tight that they sweat some in-doors and have trouble with moisture. What kind of dome do you have? Is the outside concrete (stucco)? So many questions! I have some property in Northern California I'd like to build one on and have been doing the internet searches to get ideas.

Thanks, Joelincalif at aol

ChelleC said...

Hi Kay! I really miss seeing you.