Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Daft fad
Pattern: Palindrome
Yarn: Dome Hill Yarns Worsted in Indigo Denim
Needles: 8

Just in time for spring, a nice warm scarf. Not! I actually started it specifically to have a sample piece in worsted weight at Knitting in the Heartland. Didn't quite get it done in time for that, but I was working on it at the booth & demo'd it to anyone who showed interest. "Showed interest" is here defined as "held still long enough for me to shove it under their nose". Well, maybe not quite. Predictably, Indigo Denim is one of the colorways that sold completely out... there's nothing like a demo garment to make a color fly off the shelves.

Inspected by FridayOf course, nothing is ever finished around here until it passes Feline Inspector #2.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Home from KITH

Ali & I have a somewhat famous customerDome Hill Yarns was a success at Knitting in the Heartland 2008! We had pretty good sales and lots of praise for our yarn. We also got to meet the very talented Stefanie Japel, the featured artist for this year's conference, who was teaching some of the techniques from her book Fitted Knits. She picked up a skein of Dome Hill sock yarn in "Jaded", which is always such a good shade on the redheads...